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October 28, 2016
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Solar Homes Common In Utah

With the price of solar panels reaching an all time low and money saving incentives being offered to homeowners, solar homes may be a common sight in Utah in the near future.

Utah has stepped forward in its efforts in championing clean energy in its cities and businesses and growing its solar capacity enormously, homeowners are now beginning to see the benefits of going solar.


Solar Energy Availability in Utah

A recent study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has calculated the solar productivity for each of the 50 U.S. states, the study determined Utah has enormous untapped solar energy potential.

With a UV index of 0.95, Utah ties for 8th place as the most productive state. Homeowners throughout Utah are eager and ready to take advantage of the money saving benefits that solar panels provide.

 Utah Residential Electricity Use and Cost

Utah resident’s average energy consumption is estimated to be 200-kilowatt hours less than the overall national average which equates to savings on their utility bill.

Utahans who are ready to take the initial first steps to converting their homes to solar energy can now benefit from installing solar on their rooftops, saving more electricity than ever. New Star Solar can offer assistance with questions .

 Utah State Solar Energy Incentives

The state of Utah is offering money-saving incentives allowing homeowners to cash in on big savings for going solar.

Utah homeowners who install solar energy systems and solar powered devices like solar hot water heater and space heaters on their properties are eligible for a state income tax credit, worth 25 percent of installed costs, and up to $2,000 in addition to various other rebates and incentives offered by private organizations.

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