Solar Benefits

The Rising Costs of Conventional Energy

Let’s face it, burning fossil fuels for power isn’t going to last long. As these resources become more scarce, the price for these everyday conventional sources of power will go up as well. Your electric bill will rise up to 10% per year! Investing in solar power means investing in value of your home, your own source of power, and ultimately your future.

describes the solar benefits between coal and solar

New Star Solar Benefits

new star solar helping people save money

Lock in The Cost of Your Power Bill

Just because the power company continues to raise the price on your monthly bill, it doesn’t mean you have only have one option for powering your home. Instead of paying a rising monthly bill, lock in a lower rate and invest in solar energy!

A major solar benefit is through increasing the value of your home

Invest In The Value of Your Home

Throwing money every month at the power company does not give you a return on your investment. Try investing in Solar and let the sun power your home and increase its overall value! When the time comes to sell, you will appreciate the increase in value or have the option to relocate your panels to your new home!

new star solar is eco friendly

Go Eco Friendly with Renewable Energy

Burning coal and oil isn’t going to last long. The price for these everyday commodities will continue to rise as they become more scarce. Renewable energy solves this problem while reducing your carbon footprint and investing in your future.

New Star offers a 25 year warranty as a solar benefit

No Maintenance Required with 25 Year Warranty

Our solar panels require no maintenance without any change to your current power consumption. You can continue the same lifestyle that your family now without the rising costs or pollution. Live with peace of mind with our 25 year Industry Leading Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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