Americans in Favor of Expanding Solar

Solar Energy in Utah
October 3, 2016
Solar Homes A Common Sight In Near Future
November 3, 2016

America Joining the Solar Trend

With the solar boom taking place all over the world, more and more Americans are in favor of expanding solar on United States soil.

According to Pew Research, almost nine out of ten Americans are in favor of expanding and switching to solar. That’s 90% of the country!

While many Americans are starting to realize how much of a benefit solar energy can be for savings and the environment, people in the West, especially Utahns have already caught onto the solar trend.

Utahns Going Solar Crazy

The solar craze is especially growing in the western region of the US, where 14% of homeowners have already installed solar panels on their homes, while 52% are considering making the switch.

A lot of that percentage is coming from Utah as well.

Since we’re in the ‘Solar Hot Spot’, there are more opportunities to obtain solar energy due to all the amount of sun our state receives.

This, combined with all the other benefits of using solar energy is the main reason why so many Utahns and Americans are in favor of expanding solar across the country.

Join the Trend with New Star

Solar energy isn’t going away anytime soon, and we at New Star are committed to the cause of expanding solar across Utah.

We not only have highest-quality solar panels, but we also have the best incentives and savings for every Utahn.

This includes $0 down financing along with the many tax benefits you can receive from the government.

Like other Americans who made the switch, you will see the results immediately with your lower bills from the power company.

If you’re ready to expand solar and make the switch, give us a call at (801) 900-4599, or shoot as an email at