2016 Could Be The Year Utah Solar Energy Takes Off

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November 17, 2016
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December 6, 2016

Solar energy changing the way Utah consumers view using solar energy.

Coal will not disappear tomorrow or the next day, or even in the next ten years, but in a world that is continually changing and the growing demand for alternative clean energy increases, the days for fossil fuels are starting to be numbered. Thanks to the growth and incentives for solar energy – especially in the State of Utah – thousands are taking advantage of the opportunities that comes along with switching with Utah Solar Energy incentives.

Solar energy is clean, efficient, readily available and helps to reduce greenhouse emissions in Utah. You may have already considered switching to solar power with all the solar companies popping up across the state.

But consider this, every year during the winter season, Utah has one of the highest pollution index in the United States. Using solar panels instead of fossil fuel can help curb pollution and clean our air during inversion periods.

New Star Solar understands the need to reduce greenhouse gasses and reduce Utah’s reliance on fossil fuels as a main source of energy by transforming the state into the ‘Utah Solar Energy State’.

The United States is beginning to recognize the benefits of using solar energy over fossil fuels, and Utah stands out as one of the few states that have joined other places such as Japan, Germany, and Taiwan which use solar energy as a clean eco-friendly energy source.

Since 2008 solar panels prices have been reduced by as much as 95% – putting solar energy within reach of the average consumers and small business owners.

2016 has seen the biggest demand in Utah for solar energy. Utah consumers looking to purchase solar panels for their home or business can turn to New Star for their solar panel needs. New Star Solar offers solar panels at an affordable price and the technology is unparalleled compared to other solar panel manufacturers.

In a valley that can become so polluted with greenhouse gasses, solar energy in Utah is a clean nonpolluting alternative energy source of the future.

To get started with New Star’s Utah Solar Energy plan, give us a call at (801) 900-4599 or email us at contact@newstar.solar.