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  • Loved working with New Star! I had sent out "bids" to other companies and did a lot of research before purchasing. Really enjoyed their professionalism and excellent service. Love my extremely lower power bill now!!!

    - – Rob S, New Star Solar Customer

  • Brad at New Star Solar is an awesome person to work with! They are very knowledgeable about solar energy and helped me find the right solar array that fits my needs. Their prices were lower than the other companies that I've checked. I would highly recommend New Star Solar to anyone.

    - – Tommy L, New Star Solar Customer

  • The Power of the Sun - Harnessed on my roof! I made the jump and added Solar Panels and I could not be happier. Throughout the entire process, I felt like the only thing that mattered to them was keeping me informed and satisfied. They succeeded in that all while delivering an incredible installation on my home. My installation is a 12KW system and I've been watching the power production over the month that it has been up and running. The results have been impressive. During a 10 day span of over 100 degrees this July my system was producing enough power to run my AC and still push back power to the grid. I am thrilled with New Star Solar. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a solar system for their home or business.

    - – Dennis D , New Star Solar Customer

  • Sam was forthright in evaluating our objectives and setting, sharing accurate information, providing a link to a helpful, independent study, and ultimately indicating that solar may be an unwise choice for us. He was informed, candid, and genuinely interested in guiding us accurately. I was entirely "safe" with him

    - – Robert B , New Star Solar Customer

  • The Details are important and these guys have paid close attention to that. On top of that New Star did not do what others were trying to do such as sell a much larger system than what I needed however it is expandable when required.  

    - – William S , New Star Solar Customer

  • They are fantastic!  

    - – Ron M , New Star Solar Customer

  • My experience with New Star Solar was great. They made sure to educate me about solar ownership, rather than just selling to me. I felt included in every part of the process. Their install crew impressed me the most. They were on time, very friendly, and super efficient. The panels look great! All black is the only way to go!  

    - – Becky D , New Star Solar Customer

  • We purchased New Star Solar and as of today it is up and running. We have had a great experience with everyone that has been a part of this installation. We had a few issues but they were always available to talk to us and to complete everything that they said that they would do for us. We are excited to use the sun for our source of power. Thank you, Alex, for always being available for us. I would use this company again and would highly recommend them if you are looking for a Solar company.


    - Gypsy H , New Star Solar Customer

  • New Star Solar has provided us with excellent service and a great product at a very good price. I would recommend them without reservations.


    - Dennis P , New Star Solar Customer

  • My advice to anyone shopping for solar is get a second opinion! We ended up paying $24K and then getting tax incentives (2K, state; 7K federal) to make it about $15K out of pocket. Our initial estimate was from a real flashy company ($34K, for a smaller, over-designed system). We even had a third company (who gave us a decent quote and said they would beat/match any other quote we got). We went with New Star Solar because we trusted them, by giving us an honest estimate of what we would need and how much it would cost and we had a great experience with New Star Solar. We have been installed and going for a few months now. New Star Solar coordinated everything, so our installation went smoothly. They even prepped all of our tax paperwork with instructions, so we had everything we needed to get our tax incentives. They look pretty cool too. We feel proud of our purchase.


    - Chris V , New Star Solar Customer

  • The Details are important and these guys have paid close attention to that. On top of that New Star did not do what others were trying to do such as sell a much larger system than what I needed however it is expandable when required.


    - William S , New Star Solar Customer

  • Chose New Star over several other good options. They were the most professional and mature of the group we interviewed. Their representatives have a breadth of knowledge and experience that outshined their competition. They were honest in their presentation and followed through on their promises and estimates. The pricing was very fair and we are happy with the first year of production. It was a smooth process and now I have my very own power plant on my roof.


    – Mike R, New Star Solar Customer

  • Great Experience! Most professional, top to bottom. The salesman, install crew, Install manager every one great to work with. Handled my concerns perfectly. Product is top-notch, clean. Install, great. Monitoring app, very good. Highly recommended. Thanks guys.


    - Jeff D , New Star Solar Customer

  • Great to have Solar! New Star Solar made the decision to have solar very easy. Every step was easy. The installation went very well and was fast! They do not take any short cuts in the equipment and installation. They made sure that I was satisfied with the installation. They’re a very professional company to work with. I highly recommend to any one that wants to know if solar is the right fit for them.


    – Tom J , New Star Solar Customer

  • New Star Solar was amazing to work with, I would recommend them to all of my friends and family.

    - Marianne Welborn , New Star Solar Customer

  • They explained the whole process and answered any questions I had. They were on time, very professional.

    - Brenda Hanks, New Star Solar Customer

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